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Lalaloopsy dolls have been in stores since late 1989, they are ragged dolls that have pets, On November 9, 1992, lalaloopsy webisodes air on Disney channel, until September 16, 2000. On November 7, 2005, the lalaloopsy full episode series aired on playhouse disney until September 15, 2006. It returned to Nick Jr on March 2013.

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Lalaloopsy dolls aired on playhouse disney when I was like 3 and last episode air date was when I was like 4.

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    New page: 2013 is the fourth year of the 2010s Major Events Edit March 29: Lalaloopsy airs on Nick Jr
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    New page: 2006 is the seventh year of the 2000s Major EventsEdit June 23: Lalaloopsy airs it's final episode September 15: Lalaloopsy Gets Cancelled
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    New page: 2005 is the sixth year of the 2000s Major Events Edit November 7: Lalaloopsy TV Series air on Playhouse Disney
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    Summary: List Of The Dolls Sewn This Year:
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    New page: 2000 Marked The End Of The 20th Century And Marked The Beggining Of The 2000s Major EventsEdit Late September: All The Lalaloopsy Webisodes Get...
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    New page: 1999 marked the end of the 1990 Major EventsEdit January 18: Lalaloopsy aired it's final Webisode
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    New page: 1997 is the eighth year of the 1990s Major Events Edit January 28: Lala oopsies: a sew magical tale is released in stores

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